Grandma’s Hands 

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For those of you who missed reading the poem “Grandma’s Hands”, here it is again.

Please keep Grandma in your prayers. God bless you all.

“Grandma’s Hands”

Your hands once held my head at night, when I’d been feeling low.

When times were tough and things got hard, they wouldn’t let me go.

They shielded me from seeing things that life would have me see.

They helped me see the living God and all His love for me.

When I would cry your hands were strong, and you were often there.

To listen to my heart’s concerns and whisper words of prayer.

There were times when your hands prepared the food that I would eat.

They instilled in me what was right, and taught me not to cheat.

Today as I reflect on your “Grandma hands” and your loving “Grandma touch”,

May you be reminded of how you’re loved so very , very much!

Our Prayers are with you, Grandma!

-Saved by Grace




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