Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day to All Mothers! God Bless You!

Saved by Grace

“A Mother’s Checklist”

by Carolyn A. Felder

When God created Mothers, He truly gave from His heart.

Here’s a checklist for all Mothers, so let’s go ahead and start:

Would she feed me when I’m hungry? that was covered long ago.

Would she make me take a nap? we didn’t always like that so…

Will she tuck me in at night? that wasn’t very hard to do…

Will she hold me when I’m sick? yes, this one proved to be so true.

Would she read a bedtime story? a favorite of mine from day to day.

Keep me company when I’m lonely? though there wasn’t much to say…

Catch me when I’m being sneaky? every time, without a doubt!

Give me special hugs and kisses? whenever I felt like I’d run out!

Put a band-aid on my knee? this one had to be so real…

Make our very special treats? well…

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