“An Overflowing Cup”!

“Fill My Cup, Lord”
Lord, please….fill my cup
Help me to understand and
Cause me to look up!
When things come along
That seem too tough for me
Please fill my cup with a little glee.
When people come near just
To make me sad, Lord, fill my cup
With joy like I never had.
When times get hard
And the money is low
Please fill my cup until it overflows.
When I’m rejected
And I feel confused
Lord, fill my cup with That
Which You can use.
When I need love and just to know
You’re there…please fill my cup, Lord
And help me to share.
When I’m out of hope and
I can’t see my way
Lord, give me what I need for another day.
You have ample supply Lord, I have no doubt
So please, fill me with Your goodness
From the inside out!

(Copyright 2017 by Carolyn A. Felder)