God of the Storms!


No matter what we may face in this life, remember we can always call upon our Lord. He hears, He sees and He will answer in His time and according to His own will.

“He Promised”

Jesus knows how to bridge the gap, when it seems all hope is gone.

He promised to never forsake us: He will not leave us alone.

When the storm clouds of our lives gather; and the winds blow, gaining speed

Rest assured we have a Savior, Who knows exactly what we need.

He oversees all that we face, no matter what the cost.

He shelters us and guides us through, so that none of us are lost.

He is the Master of the sea, and the Captain of our ship.

Let’s cling to Him when things get rough, because He won’t let us slip!

-Saved by Grace

Copyright 2017 by Carolyn A. Felder