The Heart Door!

“The Heart Door-an Allegory”
I looked and I saw
The Heart was a door
This was something
 I’d never seen before…
But here it was and there was no key
I stood and stared as it glared back at me.
The door was as big as twice my size
I thought upon it and then realized…
This was not an ordinary door without a key
This door had a meaning, then I started to see.
How big it was, this work of art!
As I thought, I then mused, at the giant heart
Then I heard as the Lord spoke to my mind,
“This is no ordinary heart, it’s of a special kind.”
A heart, yet a door: what an allegory!
My mind began to un-play this unusual story…
We are made to love and this is known to be true.
The heart is the symbol of love for me and you.
A regular heart can open, you see.
It opens  a way of blessing: that’s how it must be.
When we show all the love that we can to another
To the ones we meet, and to our sister and brother
Our hearts grow larger and the door opens up
The Lord then blesses, it’s not just “good luck”.
Whatever’s behind the door, no one can see
Except for the One who opens it cheerfully
And then it is shared with all the world
Sent to be a blessing to man, woman, boy, and girl.
The heart of the Giver, so great in its size…
Has given a special blessing for others to recognize.
He’s blessed this one who stands at the door
In more wonderful ways than she’s ever known before!
{All one has to do is open his heart
To experience all the blessings that God wants to impart!}

(Copyrights Reserved 2018  by Carolyn A. Felder)

“Walk by Faith, Not by Sight -a poetic diary”


{Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment.} Matthew 22:37-38